Flatbed trucks are portrayed by a trailer that is level and level, without any sides. There is an expansive scope of flatbed transport alternatives accessible, going from littler tow-truck flatbeds to overwhelming take trucking flatbeds. Nonetheless, the flatbed basics don’t change, and their handiness in transportation can’t be exaggerated.

Our Flatbed services are the place our immense product offering started many years prior. We have kept on fortifying our business center to bring you top tier administration for flatbed and specific administration arrangements. We accomplish predominant on-time conveyance through industry driving innovation, Web-based shipment, and very gifted transportation experts giving world-class client administration.

Regardless of whether you have to move 40,000 pounds or 400,000, ProLogistics Carriers have the ability and aptitude to deliver your flatbed Transport cargo securely, dependably, and on schedule. Our group of experienced drivers knows the intricate details of lashing and anchoring, the grant rules for interstate trade, and the basic necessities for sheltered and secure shipments. Our flatbed Transport administrations incorporate taping and authoritative, just as on-location security interviews. With best in class innovation for following and dealing with your activity, we’ll help you remain over your most confused shipments. Our different, across the nation armada, can deal with any flatbed cargo.

Our flatbed truck drivers share the responsibility to perfection in everything we do in each business region. That is the thing that separates our drivers. That is the thing that makes them the absolute best proprietor administrator truck drivers out and about. They are proficient in pretty much all parts of the trucking industry, from overseeing cash and costs to the security and upkeep of their trucks to keeping up great expert associations with clients.


Roll-Tite Transportation Logistics Services is an outsider coordination’s supplier. We expertly source the ideal rates and steady accessibility to coordinate administration prerequisites. We have practical experience in transportation (LTL/FTL), forte (over-dimensional) loads, assisted cargo, warehousing (pick/pack, stockpiling, and stock administration), and counseling (coordinations, production network).

With multiple years of consolidated coordination experience, a pledge to polished methodology, and a solid bond with our transporters, we gladly give outstanding support to most of our clients. Our clients originate from a wide scope of ventures including producing, cars, the nourishment and refreshment industry, Fortune 500 organizations, and significantly more.

We are non-resource based, and thus, we are not constrained by our hardware to whom and where we can support. Our emphasis is on making extraordinary associations with our clients to see better every client’s prerequisites and tailor explicit answers for those requirements. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and ready to satisfy an assortment of needs. Guaranteeing your cargo gets conveyed accurately and on time is our top need.

We mean to turn into an augmentation of your coordination’s or traffic division by working one on one with our clients’ staff to build up the ideal coordination’s answers for your business in light of one objective – spare you time and cash; the two most significant wares in the present focused condition.

  • FTL, LTL, Flatbed, Step Deck, Oversize Loads, Roll-Tite
  • Sped up Shipments, Inside Delivery, White Glove Service
  • Modified dry products administrations
  • Substantial or Oversize Loads
  • Individual and Corporate Moving
  • Air, Ocean, Rail and Inter-modular transport administrations
  • 24 Hours Cross Docking, Temperature Controlled Warehousing
  • 24 Hours Truck and Trailer Parking
  • Satellite Tracking and devoted all day, every day Dispatchers
  • Nonstop client administration
  • Industry-driving on-time conveyance rate
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